WYSIWYG is a hip hop digital recording artist currently signed with Tune Core. Wizee, as they call him sometimes, writes his own digital backing tracks and performs his raps to live audiences. Wysiwyg's claim as being a "One man band" is currently pending review. Listen to WYSIWYG's original song "The Acronym Song" on iTunes and other digital music websites.


Microband®Charles Lynch is the founder and creator of the Microband®. Microband® is a computer automated music show. Charles plays guitar, keyboard and sings while his computer automated music system takes care of the rest. Charles built his one man using modern computer technology and can perform hundreds of cover tunes. He also is a a published artist signed by TuneCore and has two original songs; one used in a Netflix Documentary and both of which are available for purchase on iTunes and other digital music websites. Visit www.microband.com for more information.

Otis Pickett and the Rhythm

Otis Pickett is a one man band performing in the Southwest Region. Otis plays a varitety of songs specializing in country dance and easy listening rock. The Otis and the Rhythm show is based on mp3 backing tracks played via an Apple iPod. Otis performs live vocals and guitar riffs to the digital backing tracks creating a full band sound.